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Wie behandele ich einen Trabant?

Black goo.

Größtes Problem mit dem Film: "Engineers" sind bei mir "Maschinenbauer".

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Since the death of god.

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Wann denn nun?

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Hard Work

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Dear people at Carhartt,

for about 12 years I have been buying Carhartt jeans. If I remember correctly I bought the W'Urban pants (three times), the W'Miner pants (two times) and the W'Slim pants (at least four times). The Slim pants turned out to be the ideal incarnation of a jeans: not too tight, not too loose, heavy denim, great cut, no crazy dies or washing. I bought them in grey, black and blue. I wore them in Germany, Netherlands, America, on Tenerife, Iceland and in China. They were my favourite for years.

So I was a bit shocked, when I wanted to buy a new pair of Slim pants and had to discover, that the model had been apparently taken out of the Carhartt product line. I tried stores in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne and Braunschweig, as well as online and even was hoping for 2nd hand on eBay, but no luck whatsoever: the Slim pants for women were gone.

As I happen to be a Graphic Designer, I am quite aware of brands and branding. I personally don't 'like' a lot of brands. But what I can say is 'I heart Carhartt'! I love the no-nonsense attitude, the close link to work wear, and the classic approach. Over the years I also bought two Carhartt jackets – they never look outdated. Nobody on the market has that sort of clothes for men as well as women.

So my first thought was: if the Slim pants disappeared from the product line, I just buy another Carhartt jeans. So I went to the store to fit them all, but I didn't fell in love with any of your other women's jeans: they were too tight, the denim was thin and there wasn't a single model without elastane. So far I haven't bought Carhartt pants again, which makes me quite sad. In my desperate search for a true pair of jeans I turned to Levi's, but I don't like them quite as much.

So my questions are:
1) Am I doomed to wear skinny stretch jeans for the years to come?
2) Do you happen to have some of the old Slim Pants for women somewhere in your storage? If so, I would be happily buy a box full! My size is 27x32.

I hope you get back to me!
Sincerely yours,

Your fan

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Waging war on nature.

More classic GTA-Spots hier.

Play it again, Murphy.


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Milwaukee Police News

Wahnsinnig coole Seite!!!

Zum Vergleich einmal die örtlichen Kollegen...

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Spread the word.

Tweet it out. All over the world. To make this happen. Once and for all.

wer war das? :)


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Forever alone.

Versichern heißt verstehen.

Nach vielen Bieren werde ich auch immer ganz nachdenklich.

PS: Der Layout-Song ist aufgetaucht!

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Und überhaupt.

"Dsch, dsch!" und synchron dazu auf die Leiter hauen.

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Stop Taking in Stray Animals

Alle (!) Filme dieser Kampagne sind fantastisch.

Ausdruck Strategiepräse.

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Crazy Clown Time.

Nächtliches Barbecue bei Lynch's. Die Nachbarn kennen das schon.

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Immer geradeaus.

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Backstabbers, low lifes.

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Funktioniert meistens dann, wenn es arschkalt ist.

Swing and a miss!


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Wes regiert.

"Sony Xperia smartphones are made of imagination. So to create our new TV ad we turned to the most imaginative people we know -- kids. We asked them what's inside Xperia smartphones that make them special. Using stop motion animation, acclaimed director Wes Anderson and Laika/house brought one boy's vision to life in this video."

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Wer sind eigentlich und, die ständig von [] versuchen, r223-Paßwörter zu bekommen um sicher was ganz wichtiges in den Blog zu schreiben?

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Chapmans Erben.

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Flight of the Amazon Glitch.

Aber sonst eine echt gute Portierung im Grunde.

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Completely unethical.

Am schlimmsten sind die Geräusche...

PS: Nimm das, Calmund.

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Die Sünden der Väter.

Wunderbares Vorneüber bei 1:07.
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"Top of the world, ma!"

"As we highlight the varied cinematic influences of Max Payne 3, from the franchise's nod to Hong Kong action cinema and film noir and neo-noir, to the specific reference points of Brazilian elite police forces and dangerous underworld criminals you'll encounter in the game - today, we highlight a history of some of our favorite sequences of rugged shootouts and intense standoffs as well as movies in general with scenes of exceptional gunplay."



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This is my life.

Alles klar, im Sommer dann auf dem Balkon.

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